Sunderland gang jailed for more than 50 years after murder of dad over £30 debt

Clockwise from top left, Daniel Mould, Michael Young, Leanne Mould and Trevor Creighton. Background, Brady Street, Millfield, where the attack took place.
Clockwise from top left, Daniel Mould, Michael Young, Leanne Mould and Trevor Creighton. Background, Brady Street, Millfield, where the attack took place.

Four people have been jailed for a total of 53 years following the murder of a Sunderland dad who died after a fatal attack plotted by his ex-lover over a £30 debt.

Scheming Leanne Mould planned the vicious assault after having a furious fall-out with the father of her child, Micheal Stead, which ultimately lead to his death in hospital nine months

Victim Michael Stead.

Victim Michael Stead.


The 34-year-old conspired with her brother, Daniel Mould, 26, and their cousin, Trevor Creighton, 33, to commit grievous bodily harm with intent on Mr Stead.

Alongside co-accused Michael Young, the foursome had a fiery confrontation with the victim outside of his home in Brady Street, in Millfield, Sunderland, on March 21 last year.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how an hour and a half after the initial dispute that Young and Daniel Mould, who were armed with a hammer and a knife sharpener,

launched the murderous attack.

The court also heard how one of the pair told the victim "look what I've got for you son," whilst brandishing one of the weapons.

After the attack the pair then disposed of the weapons down a nearby drain.

The dad-of-three suffered extensive head fractures and a bleed on the brain and was left in a vegetative state until he passed away in hospital on December 28.

During the trial, jurors heard how each of the men tried to blame each other for the murder.

Today all four of the defendants were sentenced individually.

Daniel Mould, of Chester Terrace North, Sunderland, was found guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit GBH with intent and was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum of 23 years.

Judge Rodney Jameson told him: "It is evident that you are a very intelligent young man but you have squandered your life away."

Leanne Mould, who lived at a separate address to her former boyfriend in Brady Street, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit GBH with intent and was jailed for six years.

Family will never be able to accept Michael's tragic fate

The judge described the relationship as "extremely turbulent" but said that she did try to convince her brother to not carry out the fatal attack.

During her mitigation, Mould's barrister Michael Hudson said: "Her partner of an albeit toxic relationship and the father of her children is dead.

"She has deprived her daughter of her father. She will have to live the rest of her life with what she has done.

"What happened in the end was something that she tried to prevent."

Creighton, of Lumley Street, Sunderland, was handed a 10-and-a-half year sentence for conspiracy to commit GBH with intent.

Young, 26, of Rutherglen Road, Sunderland, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and he was jailed for 13-and-a-half years.

The judge said that Young "lied to the jury throughout the trial".

He added: "This was a murder in a public place.

"It was clear from the audio footage that Michael Stead was disarmed and put to the ground when the assault took place.

"The fact that there was effectively nine months between the assault and the death prolonged the ordeal for the family."

The judge credited both Creighton and Young for their "good behaviour" compared to that of Mould and Mould who were both disruptive during the trial.

He said: "This is not usually something that would be taken into account, but given the stark contrast with others in this case I feel it must be mentioned."

The court heard how both Daniel Mould and Young had numerous previous convictions but none for violence.