Sunderland gang beat ill man unconscious as he walked home from work

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A FACTORY worker was beaten and left unconscious after being attacked by a gang as he made his way home from work.

The 46-year-old was punched and kicked until he passed out, then suffered further blows to his head as he lay on the ground.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the victim recalls one of the mob, of males and females, shouting “kill him” as the attack went on.

Stuart Halliday, 25, of Redwood Grove, Silksworth, and Wayne Miller, 24, of Westgate Avenue, Silksworth, were both jailed after admitting assault.

Judge Penny Moreland told them: “The two of you set about the victim for no reason at all.

“He was doing nothing other than walking home from work.

“It was disgraceful behaviour on behalf of both of you to subject him to that violence and leave him unconscious in the street.”

The court heard the victim had left his factory job early on October 21 last year as he felt unwell.

As he walked along Blind Lane in Silksworth, Sunderland, he was approached by the group who, without explanation, targeted him.

What happened next was caught on CCTV.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told the court: “The footage shows him walking toward Stuart Halliday, who punched him to the head.

“Miller was seen punching him numerous times and also kicking him three or four times.

“The victim falls, having lost consciousness and then Miller kicks him a further two, possibly three, times to the head before he is dragged away.”

The victim told police: “I don’t know of any reason why I was attacked.”

Halliday has a history of violence, including taking part in an attack on a family walking home from the Sunderland airshow.

He was jailed for 18 months.

Miller, who was on a suspended sentence for killing a pigeon by throwing it into a cage with two ferrets, was jailed for 21 months.

The court heard both attackers were drunk when they assaulted the victim and regret their actions.

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