Sunderland fans give ‘Paolo’ mints to horse punched by Newcastle fan

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A CHEEKY Sunderland fan has treated the police horse punched by a Newcastle supporter to a box of special “Paolo” mints.

Bud, who attracted national attention after the incident while on patrol during disorder after the Tyne-Wear derby, was resting in his West Yorkshire Police stables when a Mackem dropped in with the re-branded Di Canio-themed present.

Pictures of Bud munching the mints – and wearing a Sunderland scarf – have now appeared on Twitter.

The force’s police section Tweeted: “Great idea guys and gals. Thank you. Bud is loving the Paolo mints.”

Bud has become a Wearside hero, with fans calling for him to be trotted out at the club’s last home game at the Stadium of Light, to soak up a round of applause.

He has also found fame ever further afield.

Yesterday the trusty cross-shire was sent a packet of Humbugs from New Zealand.

“He loves food and kisses,” said a spokesman for West Yorkshire Police.

“He makes a good police horse as he is very trusting of his riders and adapts well to the training that he’s put through.

The new-found popularity never went to his head though, with Bud already back on the streets.

He had been on patrol following Sunderland’s 3-0 win, when there was widespread disorder in Newcastle city centre as NUFC fans clashed with police.

The fan allegedly seen punching Bud during the trouble has since insisted he is an animal lover.

Barry Rogerson claimed that a firecracker had startled the horse and he was acting in self-defence.

The 45-year-old, from Morpeth, was arrested and has been bailed 
until May.

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