Sunderland family’s terror as feud explodes

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A MUM today told how her family had been left terrified after a long-running feud exploded out of control.

Carol Ball’s family were 
repeatedly targeted by Daryl 
Wyatt who warned them “I’m going to annihilate all of you” after going on a £15,000 arson spree.

Wyatt sent a series of threatening messages to members of the Ball family before torching three cars during the violent vendetta.

Wyatt has been jailed for two years, to the relief of the family.

Carol, 51, who has since moved out of Sunderland, said: “He should have got more than two years for what he did.

“He deserves all he gets, as far as I’m concerned.

“My daughter had just passed her test and bought a little convertible when he came round and set fire to it.”

Newcastle Crown Court heard 23-year-old Wyatt had been friends with the family before a row resulted in a violent feud, which came to a climax last November.

Prosecutor Caroline Goodwin told the court: “There has been an on-going dispute between the Ball family and Mr Wyatt.

“At Robert Ball’s home address, where Fiona Ball was visiting and there was a small child present, there was effectively an arson attack on the home.”

The court heard two cars were torched during the attack at Mr Ball’s address, and one was set on fire during the second.

Before the blazes, Fiona Ball had received a message saying “I’m on a rampage, lock your windows and doors”, along with other threats and abuse.

After the attacks, she was sent another series saying “I’m going to annihilate all of you”.

Wyatt, of Ronan Close, Sunderland, admitted harassment.

Andrew Rutter, defending, said Wyatt and his family’s homes had come under attack during the vendetta and his elderly grandmother’s window had been smashed with a brick, which narrowly missed her.

Mr Rutter said: “Putting it shortly, they are all as bad as each other.”

Judge Penny Moreland jailed Wyatt for two years.