Sunderland drug dealer told his disabled mum to take an overdose

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A WAYWARD son smashed up his disabled mother’s house and told her to take an overdose.

Drug dealer Ryan Henderson, pictured, of Castletown, handed his mother five large strips of diazepam tablets.

“Go on, take these drugs,” he said. “Do it right this time”.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how the 21-year-old lost control after an argument with his mother, Tracey Ganley, who suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS) and uses a wheelchair.

During the onslaught on March 31, Henderson smashed an internal door at his mother’s home in Sunderland, before picking up an air pistol, which he held before stowing away.

The “abusive and threatening” behaviour was witnessed by Ms Ganley’s home carer, who was shaken up and left in tears.

When police attended they recovered 1,200 diazepam tablets and the air pistol in the back yard.

Henderson admitted he intended to sell the drugs for financial gain.

The court heard that the defendant’s mother would not support the prosecution of her son, and they now “appear as best as they can be” and on an “even keel”.

Prosecutor Bridie Smurthwaite said: “Mrs Ganley suffers from multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair and is assisted by carers.”

She said one of the carers witnessed the defendant being abusive to his mother, telling her to take an overdose and handing her five large strips of tablets and saying ‘do it right this time’.

She continued: “One thousand two hundred tablets were recovered from the rear yard and were found to contain diazepam.

“A .177 air pistol was also found in the rear yard.

“The defendant admitted he threatened his mother and acted aggressively and caused damage to the property, a door inside the house.

“He decided to leave the house and began to pack his belongings.

“At this point his mother and the witness were in his mother’s bedroom.

“The defendant agrees he was for a short period standing at his mother’s bedroom door with the pistol on his hand prior to putting it in his holdall.”

She said he did not threaten the carer

In a statement read out to the court, the carer said: “I’m really shook up.

“I’m now worried about doing this job as I don’t know who I may bump into.”

Vic Laffey, mitigating for Henderson, said: “Thankfully nobody was actually injured.

“His mother had some abusive comments made to her.

“Because of problems he and his mother both suffer, from there are disagreements and words are said which are regretted later.

“No long-term damage was done to his mother and they appear as best as they can be.”

Henderson, of Cartwright Road, admitted affray and possession of a class C controlled drug with intent to supply.

Sentencing him to 13 months in prison, Judge Simon Hickey said: “You have committed offences against your mother in the past.

“Your disabled mother, who suffers from MS, was subjected to abusive and threatening comments.

“You told her, ‘go on, take these tablets’, horrendous comments for a disabled person, particularly your mother.”