Sunderland driver caught speeding eight times in 18 days on same road

Edwin Nally.
Edwin Nally.
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A “LUDICROUS” driver was caught speeding on the same road eight times in just 18 days.

Serial speeder Edwin Nally was even clocked twice on the same day as he drove along Ryhope Road in Sunderland.

Speed cameras on Ryhope Road, near Southmoor School, Sunderland.

Speed cameras on Ryhope Road, near Southmoor School, Sunderland.

Now the persistent offender may have no choice but to slow down after magistrates warned he is facing a ban from the roads.

Nally, of The Elms West, Ashbrooke, was clocked by speed cameras going up to 48 miles per hour on Ryhope Road – a 30 zone.

The 32-year-old also faced one charge of driving through a red light on Ryhope Road and another of driving 70 miles per hour on the A69 in Melkridge, Northumberland, despite the road having a maximum speed limit of 50 miles per hour.

Nally failed to turn up for his hearing at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court this week, but magistrates proved all 11 of the offences, which could see him gain three points for each one on his licence.

When contacted by the Echo, Nally said he was working on the day he was due in court but will appear at his next hearing.

He declined to comment further on the charges against him.

Prosecutor Rachael Dodsworth read out each of the offences, which took place between March 17 and May 21, this year.

Two of the offences, failing to stop at a red light and going 39 miles per hour in a 30 zone, took place on the same day, April 4.

The majority of the offences were committed within days of each other, with eight occurring between May 4 and 21.

In each of the 11 cases, Nally admitted to being the driver of the vehicle and was served with fixed penalty notices, which he failed to comply with.

Magistrates were told that Nally could be issued with three points for each of the offences and that the court would seek £85 in costs for each, meaning a total of £935 before fines.

Magistrate Alan Richardson said: “It’s ludicrous, especially on the same stretch of road. He lives in the town so he should know the cameras are there.”

The case was adjourned until October 19 so that Nally can be present.

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