Sunderland couple arrested after car insurance fraud

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A SUNDERLAND couple were arrested after making a fraudulent insurance claim.

It comes after the pair tried to con their car insurance company.

On Tuesday, the couple contacted the police to report that their Audi car had been stolen.

Officers responded and carried out inquiries into the alleged theft of the £7,500 valued car.

During the investigation officers found a number of inconsistencies in the couple’s story. They were challenged and admitted to officers that the car hadn’t been stolen but the pair had infact paid for the car to be disposed of and that they had planned to con their insurance company.

They were arrested on suspicion of fraud and given police cautions.

Sunderland Superintendent Alan Veitch said: “This goes to show the dangers of making false reports to police and fraudulent claims to insurance companies.

“Not only do the pair have criminal records now but they also have no car and they won’t be getting the £7,500 pay out that they had planned on.

“This should act as a warning to anyone considering trying to con their insurance companies that the police will thoroughly investigate reports of thefts and if you are lying then we’ll find out.”