Sunderland car thief caught with box of Cadbury’s Roses gets sent back to prison – just two weeks after being released

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A THIEF has been jailed for breaking into a car two weeks after being released from prison.

Police found Michael Foster rummaging through a black Toyota Prius in the early hours of Sunday.

He pleaded guilty to theft at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court.

Paul Anderson, prosecuting, said police were called to Marina Court in Sunderland after receiving reports of two men trying car doors.

They found Foster, of Davison Terrace, Sunderland, with a plastic bag containing pens and business cards as well as a box of Cadbury’s Roses.

The court heard that he had only just finished a jail term on Friday, January 10.

Chris Wilson, defending, said: “There were exceptional circumstances as to why he committed the offence and made the decision to commit it, because he had no source of income.

“He was released from custody two weeks earlier and, at that point, was given £340.

“He went to the Sunderland area and found somewhere to live and paid his first week’s rent before going to the benefits agency to make an application for benefits.

“They told him that would take eight weeks to process.

“He has no gas or electricity and wanted to take things from the car to sell to pay for them.”

District Judge Helen Cousins sent Foster back to prison for 12 weeks.

She said: “You cannot come out of prison and immediately carry on offending in the same way.”

Thomas Brand was also at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court accused of the same theft.

The 42-year-old pleaded not guilty and a trial was arranged for Friday, May 23.