Sunderland burglar left victim sick at the thought of living in her own home

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A WOMAN no longer wants to live in her own home after it was raided by a serial burglar.

William Trotter, 32, forced open the front door of the victim’s flat at River View, in Sunderland, last September and helped himself to £750 of her belongings.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the householder has been left “traumatised” and “sick” by the thought of a stranger being inside her home, and feels she no longer wants to live there.

Prosecutor Paul Cross said: “In her statement she says the incident had upset her so much that it makes her feel she doesn’t want to live there any more.

“Someone she does not know turned her home upside down, causing damage and stealing things. She said it makes her feel sick.

“She talks about leaving her light on at night, not being able to touch things that he might have touched.”

The court heard the victim disposed of a lot of her personal property that she feared may have been touched by Trotter.

Trotter, of East Vines, Hendon, Sunderland, admitted two burglaries in the same street, just days apart. During the first raid he took more than £1,000 of property.

He also admitted burglary at a restaurant at High Street West, which was being renovated, and a separate charge of theft of copper piping.

Mr Recorder Simon Hirst jailed Trotter for three years and four months.

The judge said the victim’s plight “shows why the courts take such a dim view of burglars” and branded Trotter’s offending history as “truly appalling”.

Trotter had sent a letter to the judge in which he apologised to his victims and the effect his offending has had on them.

The judge added: “It remains to be seen if you are truly sorry for what you have done.

“The proof of that will be when you are released.”

Andrew Finlay, defending, said Trotter had been making good efforts at leading a law-abiding life before he fell back in with some old associates and back to his old ways.