Sunderland bouncer guilty of assaulting on his policewoman ex-girlfriend

Darren McGuinness.
Darren McGuinness.
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A BOUNCER has been found guilty of assaulting his ex-partner, stealing her mobile phone and wrecking her clothes after she walked out on him.

A court heard how trouble erupted after the nine-year relationship ended between Darren McGuinness and his police officer girlfriend in November last year.

She was engaged to 38-year-old McGuinness for nearly three years, but told him it was over the next day, the court was told.

Days later, she went to their former home in Farringdon, Sunderland, after the doorman texted her to say he had taken an overdose.

She claimed it was there her jilted lover grabbed her hand, snatched her iPhone and pushed her out the door, slamming her foot in it several times.

When she returned to collect her clothes, she found that they had been slashed and some doused with turps.

Her former partner, who denied all three offences, was arrested after the woman called police.

Prosecuting barrister Liam O’Brien said: “This is a case in which it is right that a great deal of sympathy should be felt for Mr McGuinness.

“But the case is that he took his actions too far.

“He is not a bad man. It is not that he is a thug, but that he failed to deal with the upset and anguish that one can only imagine he must have felt when a nine-year relationship came crashing to a halt within a matter of days.”

McGuinness, who previously had a spotless record, told Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court that he “guided” his ex-partner her out of the door. “I did not grab her hand,” he insisted.

“She never withdrew her hand, she never told me to get off. The engagement ring was not there and I said, ‘has your boyfriend made you take the ring off?’”

McGuinness also denied the mobile was a gift to his then-fiancée, saying he had only loaned it to her, and claimed he was not responsible for damaging his ex’s clothes.

Charlton Carr, defending, accused the “deceitful” policewoman of having an affair with a fellow officer.

She admitted she and the colleague were together, but said the relationship started after the split from McGuinness.

Magistrates found McGuinness, of Abercorn Road, guilty of assault, theft and criminal damage.

Sentencing was adjourned until next month for Probation Service reports.