Sunderland bomb hoax menace heard ‘voices in his head’

Ian Parkin Sunderland Magistrates Court
Ian Parkin Sunderland Magistrates Court
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A hoax menace under the influence of drugs was told by “voices in his head” to make a call to say there was a bomb in Sunderland railway station, a court heard.

Nuisance caller Ian Parkin put the emergency services on alert when he rang 999 from a payphone in the city centre station on Thursday, May 7.

Sunderland Station

Sunderland Station

The 33-year-old was later identified on CCTV by police officers, arrested and charged with making a hoax call.

At a hearing at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court, prosecutor Glenda Beck told JPs: “At 6.09pm on May 7, a 999 call was made to Northumbria Police from a phone kiosk in Sunderland Railway Station.

“The call taker informed the caller that it was the emergency services, to which the caller said ‘bomb: train station’.”

CCTV footage later showed Parkin entering the train station from the south entrance after he had been in a nearby bookmaker’s.

He was arrested and in interview with officers admitted it was he who had made the call.

“At first,he said he could not recall making the call,” added Ms Beck.

“He said he had taken diazepam and cannabis. Two hours later, he said he could recall voices in his head telling him to do it.”

Parkin, of Hudson Road, Hendon, has previously been jailed for making a string of mailicious 999 calls, including one in which he said he was going to commit suicide using a knife.

As well as pleading guilty to making the call, Parkin also admitted stealing Gillette razors worth £4.90 from Wilkos, in Fawcett Street, on May 15.

Chris Wilson, defending, said Parkin suffers from a complex psychological problem and a personality disorder, for which he often uses illegal substances to cope with.

“The psychosis that he was suffering was so great, he had taken a cocktail of amphetamine and cannabis,” said Mr Wilson.

“When arrested, he made full and frank admissions of his involvement and where he had been. It can be gleaned from his history that custody is not working.

“In consideration of Mr Parkin’s history, he has endeavoured for a number of years to address the issues he has. He is working with a psychiatrist at Monkwearmouth Hospital but he needs to help himself and his consumption of cannabis is decreasing.

“He is ashamed and embarrassed at appearing before the court for these matters.”

Chairman of the bench John Scott adjourned the case while waiting for a British Transport Police report on the effect the hoax call had on the station before sentencing Parkin.

He will be back before the court on Friday, June 26.