Sunderland biker 'may never walk again' after crashing into BMW while riding at '100mph'

A biker may never walk again after sustaining life-changing injuries after smashing into a BMW at an estimated 100mph in Sunderland, a court heard.

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 4:55 am

Jamie Downing, 28, is mainly bedridden and needs a wheelchair to get around and will be that way for years, his solicitor Jason Smith said.

Downing, of Pilgrim Close, Southwick, crashed in Palgrove Road, Pennywell, on Friday, April 30.

The collision sent him flying over the top of the car, and he collapsed after pulling himself to his feet.

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The incident happened in Palgrove Road, Pennywell.

Downing, who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, avoided jail after magistrates in South Tyneside suspended his 12-week sentence for two years.

It was his second danger driving conviction in five years, with the first seeing him jailed.

Mr Smith said Downing had some sensation in his legs but was unlikely to get enough feeling back to become independently mobile.

He added: “He has suffered greatly. I know the lady also has but he’s the one who has come out of this the worst.

“He’s suffered life-changing injuries. He disputes driving at 100mph but admits driving above the speed limit.

‘He’s disabled from the waist down. While he has some feeling in his legs and may be able to walk again, it’s unlikely.

“The reality is that he has lost the ability to walk. He was at the point of moving his life forward until an act of stupidity.

“He’s lost far more than anyone else in this case and it is something that will live with him for many years.”

Downing, who also pleaded guilty to driving without insurance and driving without a licence, crashed at about at 5.44pm.

Prosecutor Sarah Malkinson said: “The victim was driving with her partner, who was in the passenger seat.

“She slowed to let a car pass which was coming from the opposite direction.

“The motorbike then came towards her on the wrong side of the road. She states it was traveling at about 100mph.

“He tried to swerve around. He was thrown from his bike and landed behind her. He got up and tried to walk but collapsed.”

Downing was also banned from driving for two years and must complete 20 days of rehabilitation work.

He was ordered to pay the BMW driver £400 compensation, with a £128 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.