Sunderland 16-year-old jailed after repeatedly stabbing friend

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A TEENAGE knifeman who almost killed a friend in an unprovoked stabbing attack has been put behind bars.

The 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reason, repeatedly plunged a blade into Michael Bewick during a drinking session at a Sunderland house.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 23-year-old victim feared his life was over and suffered internal injury and damage to his lungs in the assault.

He needed a chest drain when he was taken to hospital with wounds beneath both armpits, one to his left torso,

one to his shoulder blade and another, less serious injury caused by the knife.

A judge said it was a “miracle” he survived the violence.

The teen attacker, who has previous convictions for violence, admitted wounding with intent and was yesterday sentenced to three years and four months in a young offenders institution.

Judge Jeremy Freedman told him: “Fortunately, it is a miracle, you are not facing a more serious charge.

“You could have very easily killed Mr Bewick with those stabs.

“As it was, you caused internal bleeding and damage to both his lungs.

“Thankfully it seems he made a full recovery.

“I accept you are now full of remorse for your actions and indeed are devastated, given that Mr Bewick was a friend of yours and had done nothing to provoke your assault on him.

“There are positive things to be said about you, it is not all bad and there is hope for the future but you must understand, for this type of offending, where someone’s life was put at risk, there has to be a very substantial period of custody.”

Prosecutor Paul Rowland told the court the teen attacker had been drinking at the house with Mr Bewick and others earlier that evening but then left to visit his girlfriend.

He came back to the property “enraged” after an argument with her, and turned his anger on his friend.

The court heard one witness to the knife attack, which happened at a house, was “hysterical” after what he saw.

Mr Bewick was losing a lot of blood after he collapsed outside the house.

The weapon used by the teenager was a knife taken from a block in the kitchen.

Amanda Rippon, defending, said the attacker had a troubled upbringing and spent time in care.

She added: “He really is at a loss to understand how he got himself into this position.

“He is devastated to have caused this harm.

“His remorse is entirely genuine.”