Stone-throwing yobs halt Metro

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YOBS caused hundreds of pounds of damage after smashing the driver’s window on a Sunderland-bound Metro train.

Those on the train were told they would have to get off immediately as it pulled into the Stadium of Light station,

Passengers had to wait for another train to continue their journeys.

One commuter said: “We got to the Stadium of Light station and then the driver announced we would all have to get off because the front window was broken.

“He also said it looked like somebody had thrown a stone at the window.

“We didn’t hear anything at the time.

“The driver was very apologetic and nobody on the train kicked-off.”

Pc Gavin Alcorn, who is investigating the attack, said: “The window beside the driver’s cab was cracked which meant for safety reasons the Metro had to be taken out of service at the Stadium of Light station.

“Thankfully no one was injured, but it obviously shocked the driver and passengers onboard and potentially could have been much worse.

“The estimated cost to replace the damaged window is around £800 – costs which will ultimately need to be recouped from the fare-paying passenger.”

Pc Alcorn added: “We’ve made a number of enquiries into the incident and I would warn students at schools in the area of the potential dangers of playing near the railway and obstructing trains.

“Parents and adults must also take responsibility to emphasise the dangers to your children.

“If you live near the railway, ask yourself if you know where your children are playing or hanging around.”

Richard McClean, managing director of Metro operator DB Regio Tyne and Wear, said: “We will not tolerate criminal activity on our network.

“This was potentially a very dangerous incident, which luckily didn’t have any major consequences and could have been a lot worse.

“These types of incident are rare, but it frightened not only the driver, but our passengers too. We take any jeopardy to passengers’ safety very seriously.”

The stones are believed to have been thrown between the Seaburn and Stadium of Light stations at around 8.30pm on Thursday.

Those with information should call British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40, quoting reference 224 of 4/11/2011.

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