Staff foil drug plan hatched in prison

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A PLOT to smuggle drugs into Durham Prison was foiled by staff at the jail who monitored calls from a prisoner.

They heard the prisoner asking his friend on the outside to “bring the T-shirts” during a visit, Durham Crown Court heard.

“It would appear T-shirt is prison slang or code for drugs,” said Sean Dodds, prosecuting. “Two men visited the prisoner, and one was found to be carrying .233g of heroin and 40g of diazepam.

“This amount of drugs would not be worth a great deal on the outside, but the value in prison is magnified by four or more times.”

Anthony Midgley, 45, of Denton Gate, Newcastle, admitted possessing class A and class C drugs with intent to supply them on July 10 last year.

He has previous convictions for drugs offences.

Gavin Doig, defending, said in mitigation: “Mr Midgley did not make the arrangements to smuggle these drugs into the prison.

“But he is not a fool, and he knew what was happening.

“He does have drugs convictions on his record, but none since 2006.”

The Recorder, Mr Ian Atherton, jailed Midgley for two-and-a-half years.

The recorder told him: “I take into account you were not the architect of this plan.”