Son stabbed dad, 75, in row over spicy sausage

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A SON stabbed his pensioner dad in an argument over a spicy Spanish sausage.

William Aubrey plunged a pair of scissors into his 75-year-old father’s arm after a row about how to cook chorizo.

Mr Aubrey senior, also called William, fled the family home in Albany, Washington, and drove to the town’s police station, where a two-inch wound in his left arm was treated by paramedics.

But the violence continued when police went to Bassenfell Close to arrest his 27-year-old son.

Officers were forced to use CS gas spray on Aubrey after he lunged at them with two kitchen knives.

The Philippine national was dressed head-to-toe in dark clothing when he appeared at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court.

He admitted one charge of assault causing actual bodily harm and one of affray.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson told the court violence erupted at about 3.45pm on December 20, after Mr Aubrey had just finished eating.

“He had just finished having his tea, when his son came in and put chorizo sausage in the oven.

“His dad said he got up and told him it probably did not need cooking and effectively, without saying a word, the defendant moved towards his dad, swinging his arm forward and came into contact with his father’s forearm.

“At first his dad did not think anything had happened, because he did not feel any pain.

“Then his son said to him, ‘You will remember that’.

“Dad looked at his arm and realised he was bleeding and the defendant had a pair of scissors in his hand.”

When officers arrived about 15 minutes later, Aubrey, who had been sitting eating in the kitchen, silently took two knives from a block and raised them above his head, moving towards police.

Fearing for their safety, officers sprayed Aubrey with CS gas and shut the kitchen door for about 15 seconds.

When they went back into the room, he had put the weapons down onto the kitchen bench.

In interview he admitted stabbing his father, but could not give a reason why.

Aubrey, who has no criminal record, could also not explain why he lunged at police.

Deferring sentencing, District Judge Roger Elsey told him: “This is a very serious case. It may be the crown court that sentences you.

“As you have not been in trouble before, I have to order the Probation Service to prepare a report about you.”

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