Son jailed for stabbing dad in row over spicy sausage

William Aubrey
William Aubrey
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A SON who stabbed his elderly father during a row over a sausage has been put behind bars.

William Aubrey plunged a pair of scissors into his 75-year-old dad when trouble flared over the method and time to cook a spicy Spanish chorizo.

Newcastle Crown Court heard William Aubrey senior suffered a two-nch cut to his arm during the violence, which flared at his home in Bassenfell Close, Washington, on December 20.

When police tried to arrest his 27-year-old son, he lunged at them with two knives, which he refused to drop, and had to be gassed with CS spray before he could be subdued.

Aubrey admitted assault and affray and was yesterday jailed for nine months.

Judge Guy Whitburn QC told him: “This appears to be some dispute over the cooking of a sausage, and you then stabbed your father with the scissors, inflicting what was a fairly trivial, superficial wound.

“You can’t go around stabbing your father in the arm over a dispute of how you cook a sausage.”

The court heard that Aubrey, who has never been in trouble before, refused to co-operate with probation officials on why he reacted so violently.

Tom Moran, defending, said: “The most I have been able to extract from him is it was an argument over how long you should cook chorizo for.”

Mr Moran told the judge a chorizo is a “type of exotic sausage” and added: “I am sure your honour wouldn’t dream of cooking it in the microwave – that was part of the argument.”

Prosecutor Jim Hope told the court Mr Aubrey snr drove to the police station himself after the attack.

Mr Hope said: “He said he is shocked this has happened to him. He said he can’t believe his son has attacked him with a weapon and knows he will never be able to trust him again.”

It was after the father’s arrival at the police station officers went to the family home to arrest Aubrey.

Mr Hope added: “He produced at that stage two knives, held in either hand, up above his head and was making moves towards them.

“They were extremely fearful for their safety.”

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