Soil samples link in murder trial

Pamela Jackson
Pamela Jackson
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SOIL samples from inside a grandmother’s moorland grave was “very similar” to debris found in her alleged killer’s car, a court heard.

Experts have linked soil found at Pamela Jackson’s burial site to samples found on a pair of gloves found in her former partner Adrian Muir’s Kia motor.

Soil found in the footwell of the car, along with blades of grass, can also be linked to the grave site, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Prosecutors claim Muir murdered his 55-year-old ex partner at her Chester le Street home and buried her body, with a bunch of flowers in a Tesco plastic carrier bag, 120 miles away on the moors near Halifax in West Yorkshire.

Ms Jackson was last seen alive by her family on March 2. Her body was found two months later.

Muir, 50, of Halifax, West Yorkshire, denies murder and is being tried by a jury.

Soil scientist Lorna Dawson told the court she had tested samples of soil taken from the gravesite, the gloves and the footwell of Muir’s car.

She told jurors: “The footwell samples were similar to the gloves samples which was similar to the gravesite samples.

“Blades of grass in the footwell matched a sample which was also present at the gravesite sample.”

Ms Dawson said the samples were “eight and a half out of ten” for similarity and said it would be highly unusual to get a “10 out of 10” match.

The expert said a spade found in the Kia motor, which was shown to jurors yesterday, contained traces of “what looked like blood or organic material” and was sent to a biologist for further testing.

Muir denies murder.

The trial continues.