Social worker accused of raping boys in his care

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A TRUSTED senior social worker was a “rapist of children who carried out sickening sex attacks on vulnerable boys in his care”, a court heard.

Brian Tansey is accused of repeatedly abusing a boy at a Wearside school and targeting another youngster during a trip from school on Tyneside, where he later worked.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the first victim said he was repeatedly attacked by Tansey, who told him he could “earn his pocket money” that way.

Prosecutor Paul Greaney, QC, said: “Nowadays you would describe it as rape and that is precisely what it was.

“This was the rape of that child. Brian Tansey forced himself on a boy. He was crying because of the pain.”

It is claimed Tansey “derived pleasure from the fact he was inflicting pain” during the repeated attacks on the same boy, who was in the care of the local authority.

The court heard the alleged victim made attempts to tell people about his ordeal, but was never taken seriously.

The alleged victim told jurors from the witness box in court: “He kept doing it, every time he felt like it”

“Sometimes he would just do it once at night, sometimes twice, sometimes a couple of times in the day, depends on how he felt.”

The second alleged victim said he was the subject of one attack, which caused him “horrific” pain, during a school trip when he and another boy were in Tansey’s bed.

Tansey warned he would harm the boy’s family if he told anyone about the attack, it is claimed.

A few months later Tansey was questioned by the police and admitted youngsters had tried to pull his boxers down in “boyish bravado” and had been given wine during the trip, but denied sexually abusing him and the matter was dropped.

The 69-year-old married grandfather, who denies five charges of buggery and one of indecent assault in relation to the two boys, described himself as a brother of the Anglican order.

Tansey, of Retford, Nottingham, is being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

The offences at the Wearside establishment are alleged to have happened during the 1980s, and the trip attack during a school holiday in the early 1990s.

The alleged victims were schoolboys when they were attacked, the court heard.

Both boys were vulnerable during the time they were at the schools and have gone on to lead troubled lives, involving crime and substance abuse.

Mr Greaney told the court Tansey has never been in trouble with the police during his life.

The court heard the main victim, who claims he was repeatedly attacked by Tansey in a bedroom and the staffroom at the Wearside school, is an “extremely damaged individual”.

Mr Greaney added: “However, it is a fact, we would submit, that predatory paedophiles commonly prey on vulnerable children with troubled backgrounds, whose lives may prove to be difficult because of the start they have had or the abuse they have suffered. You should not reject his evidence just because of the very matters that may have made him an attractive victim.

“Have two boys, years apart, independently of one another, both told the same lie about an innocent man, or are they saying similar things becaue the defendant did similar things to each of them?”

Tansey denies all charges. The trial continues.