Snowballers spark dozens of police complaints in Sunderland

Sledging at Dalton Park.
Sledging at Dalton Park.
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POLICE have received more than 70 complaints of snowball-related incidents in Sunderland.

Disgruntled callers have contacted police after having snowballs thrown at themselves, their cars and their houses.

Inspector Paul Stewart, from Sunderland Area Command, said: “It is easy to turn a topic like this into a joke and shrug it off, but those people who have called police clearly have genuine concerns.

“It’s not nice to be driving along and for a flurry of snowballs to hit your windscreen, or be an elderly person hit by a snowball while walking home or to the shops.

“If we receive reports of incidents involving snowballs being thrown at people or property, potentially causing damage or injury, then appropriate action will be taken, as with any other calls reporting anti-social behaviour.

“I’d ask those people throwing snowballs to have a little consideration for others and remember that these things are only fun if you want to take part.”

But the Northumbria Police inspector asked people not to give a chilly reception to youngsters enjoying a winter wonderland.

“I would also ask for a degree of tolerance from those reporting such behaviour. Although anti-social behaviour is not acceptable, it is only natural that children will take the opportunity presented by the wintry weather to enjoy playing in the snow,” he added.

Families enjoyed a weekend of snow-related fun across Sunderland and Durham, with sledging, building snowmen and going for winter walks proving popular.

A weather warning is still in place for the region with snow forecast to become heavier and more persistent today with temperatures expected to drop to -2C (28F).