Six tips to keep your stuff safe at festivals this summer

Have fun if you're attending a festival this summer - but keep your valuables safe.
Have fun if you're attending a festival this summer - but keep your valuables safe.
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The festival season is well underway, and apart from bad weather, nothing puts more of a dampener on an event than losing your valuables.

As thousands of Britons enjoy a summer of festival fun, it's important to remember that among the sleeping bags and tents will be hundreds of pounds’ worth of other possessions.

Festival-goers take £268-worth of items on average – with nearly one in three (31 per cent) carrying over £300-worth of belongings, according to a survey from Halifax Insurance.

The findings, from 2,000 people, reveal smartphones now rank as the second most popular item carried at festivals, following purses and wallets.

Yet more than a quarter of those surveyed have no insurance cover for their items, and nearly a third (29 per cent) don’t know whether their valuables are protected outside their home.

Here are some tips for festival-goers from Halifax Insurance for keeping your items safe:

* Take pictures of each valuable item being taken and store them on a device that won’t be travelling with you. Keeping receipts as proof of purchase can help speed up any claim.

* Ensure you bring only the necessary cash and store it close on your person.

* Only take necessary items and consider sharing some with friends.

* Consider leaving your swanky smartphone at home and substituting with an old mobile – which may not be as attractive to thieves.

* Take a small bag with zips that can be worn on your person.

* While it may not give you much wriggle-room, storing valuables in the bottom of your sleeping bag while you’re asleep could also help protect them.