Shoplifter spat chewing gum in court after being jailed for stealing honey, DVDs and radios

Holland and Barrett
Holland and Barrett

A shoplifter spat his chewing gum in front of magistrates as he was jailed for 51 weeks.

Jonathan Evans swore at South Northumbria Magistrates when it became clear they were going to send him to prison.

The court heard Evans had recently been released from prison when he stole three times from shops in four days.

“The offending happened in quick succession,” said Paul Anderson, prosecuting. “The first offence involved the theft of 10 DVDs valued at £100 from Sainsbury’s in Binchester Street in South Shields.

“Evans entered the Holland and Barrett store in King Street in South Shields the next day, where he stole two jars of honey.

“It was expensive Manuka honey, with a retail value of £109.98.

“Later that week, he took two DAB radios valued at £60 from Morrison’s in Ocean Road.

“The first two offences were not detected at the time, but he was seen by security guards in Morrison’s and detained nearby.”

Evans, 28, of Coston Drive, South Shields, admitted three offences of theft on March 28, 29, and 31.

He has 17 previous convictions for theft.

Chartlon Carr, defending, said Evans had become “addicted to heroin” and is now “a shadow of the happy-go-lucky young man he once was.”

He added: “He has to accept that every option has been tried, and his engagement with probation and other services has not been good of late.

“My understanding is drugs are freely available in prison, and many addicts emerge in a worse state than when they went in. What this man needs is help.”

Evans was imprisoned for 51 weeks and ordered to pay £324 in costs and compensation.