‘Shocked’ driver sped off from crash scene – to down a bottle of wine

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Court News
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A CARELESS driver fled the scene of a crash before going home and downing a bottle of wine.

Adam Lundy, 52, was awoken by officers who had spotted his damaged Renault Clio outside his home in McLaren Way, West Herrington, on December 7.

He had made no attempt to stop after he smashed into a BMW Z3 on the junction with McLaren Way and Herrington Road, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Rebecca Laverick said a witness driving past The Stables pub saw the Clio driving at speed on to the junction without making any attempt to stop.

“It appears the Clio has clipped or collided with the BMW and failed to stop,” Ms Laverick said.

The driver of the BMW, whose wife was in the passenger seat, said he had seen the Clio drive in excess of the 30mph speed limit as it approached the junction. “He could see that it wasn’t going to be able to stop,” Ms Laverick said.

The BMW suffered “significant damage” and cost £1,077 to repair. Police were called and when officers went to Lundy’s home at 9.10pm that night, they saw the damaged Clio parked outside. They found Lundy upstairs alseep in bed in a “clearly drunk” state. He told officers he had consumed the alcohol after getting home as he was in shock, and police found an empty bottle of wine.

Lundy, who has a previous conviction for failing to stop after an accident, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention and failing to stop after an accident.

Chris Wilson, defending, said: “He accepts he’s done wrong,” Lundy was fined £127 and told to pay victim’s £250 insurance excess. His licence will be endorsed with eight penalty points.