Sex text led to stabbing

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A WOMAN was stabbed in the chest after a love triangle exploded over a sex text.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that John Allen and his wife Sandra Allen, 49, had split up and she had started a relationship with Terence Lamb, 27.

During a family barbecue at the Lamb house in Sunderland, Sandra Allen was caught texting her ex, telling him: “I wish I was with you now.”

The 59-year-old replied with a reference to vigorous sex which began: “Wait until I get my own place.....”

The court heard Mrs Allen’s young lover found out about the messages, and stormed around to Mr Allen’s house armed with a hammer.

He was followed by his sister, hospital worker Sarah Lamb, 24, and her 51-year-old boyfriend Paul Dawson, who is a grandfather.

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The Lamb siblings’ mother Susan Lamb also followed.

The court heard the hammer was taken off Lamb inside the house, but he became involved in a fight with his love rival Mr Allen, who Dawson went on to headbut.

Sandra Allen lost a clump of hair after being grabbed by Sarah Lamb during the violence.

The court also heard that Ivy Allen, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a heart murmur and blood pressure problems, was making sandwiches when the trouble broke out.

The 79-year-old, who was holding a bread knife to prepare the food, ended up struggling on the floor with Susan Lamb - who was left with a stab wound to her chest.

Neither woman faces charges in relation to the trouble, and it remained unclear what exactly happened over the stabbing.

Terence Lamb, of Polworth Square, Sarah Lamb, of Potter Square, and Paul Dawson, of Torrens Road – all Plains Farm – all admitted affray.

Warren Grier, defending Terence Lamb, who has never been in trouble before, told the court the Lamb family did not approve of the relationship with Mrs Allen.

Mr Grier said: “She is twice his age. His family did not approve of that relationship.

“When it came out about the inappropriate text, in temper, he has gone around there.”

Glen Gatland, defending, said Sarah Lamb, who has never been in trouble before and is now five months pregnant with her third child, was stabbed near the eyebrow during the trouble, which she only became involved in to look out for her brother.

Paul Cross, defending Dawson said: “He simply went along with them.”

Recorder Jeremy Freedman sentenced Terence Lamb to 24 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, with a 12-week night time curfew.

The other two defendants were sentenced to a community order for six months with supervision.

Dawson must abide by a 12 week night time curfew.

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