Severed sheep’s head shown to children and left in yard

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A MAN and woman have been arrested after a sheep was mutilated and its severed head shown to children.

 Police received calls from concerned residents late on Sunday night and early on Monday morning reporting a sheep’s head had been left in the rear yard of a house in Willington, County Durham

 The carcass was found in a nearby field and taken to a local vet’s who carried out an initial examination which suggested the animal was mutilated before it died. A man aged 28 and a woman aged 39, have been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and outraging public decency.

 Several knives have also been seized from the house and a Staffordshire bull terrier has been put in kennels.

 Police can confirm they are investigating claims the sheep’s head was shown to a number of young children before it was left in the rear yard.

 Anyone with information is asked to ring 101.