Serial Sunderland road menace with 63 offences drove in faulty BMW with smashed windows to escape police

A serial road menace who tried to get away from police during a "slow pursuit" in a faulty BMW with smashed windows has been put behind bars.

By Karon Kelly
Tuesday, 24th May 2022, 3:08 pm

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Terence Dunn, who has been convicted of driving while disqualified 63 times, initially made off from officers at 60mph in a residential area in Sunderland on March 20 but his BMW car was then hit with "mechanical difficulties".

Newcastle Crown Court heard the fault caused his vehicle to slow considerably but the 62-year-old refused to pull over.

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw told the court: "The officer got out of his vehicle and approached the BMW to arrest the defendant.

Terence Dunn.

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"The officer smashed the window of the vehicle but the defendant did not stop the BMW and was still trying to get away from the officer, still trying to drive the vehicle.

"The officer recognised him as a man he knew to be disqualified.

"He was told to get out and stop the car. He responded by telling the officer to **** off.

"At that point the defendant managed to rev the vehicle and surged forward.

"The officer got back into his car and there was a slow pursuit because of whatever the mechanical problem was with the BMW."

Mr Wardlaw said Dunn continued to drive for a short distance but the fault brought his BMW to a halt.

He added: "The officer smashed the windscreen but this still did not prevent the defendant from trying to drive away.

"He managed to get the vehicle going again and came to an incline where eventually the car gave up the ghost and the defendant gave up and was arrested."

Mr Wardlaw said the chase lasted about five minutes and covered around one mile.

Dunn, of Shaftoe Road, Sunderland, admitted dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and driving with no insurance.

Mr Recorder Simon Goldberg QC sentenced Dunn to nine months behind bars with driving ban of two years and nine months.

The judge said Dunn had travelled at up to 60mph in a 20mph zone and told him: "You were very lucky you did not cause serious injury to a member of the public."

Tony Cornberg, defending, said Dunn has stable accommodation, an offer of work and the pursuit was short.