Serial Sunderland drunk clocks up 56 convictions – he even reports himself to the police

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A SERIAL drunk has added to his infamous record by clocking up 56 offences of drunk and disorderly – and on most occasions he calls the police himself.

On one occasion Duncan Eggleston, 38, was arrested after he became abusive after kind-hearted police officers gave him a lift to his home, Sunderland magistrates heard.

It was the police that kept pushing us, you know.

Duncan Eggleston

Prosecutor Lee Poppett said that at 4pm on March 5, police received a call from Eggleston, who was in a phone box in Hylton Road.

Officers arrived and asked why he had called, but Eggleston, of Millburn Street, Sunderland, swore at them and threatened them.

On March 10, officers were informed by 999 operators that a man had called the emergency number and made threats.

The call was traced and police found Eggleston outside the Alexandra pub in Grangetown, and he straggered towards them.

“He began to shout abuse and was warned regarding his conduct,” Mr Poppett said. “He was asked if he wanted a lift somewhere and sat in the back of the police vehicle.”

“He shouted ‘Lock me up.’ They drove him home and parked outside his home address. The defendant was still shouting abuse and he was cautioned and arrested.”

The next day police were told Eggelston was causing problems outside Sunderland Magistrates’ Court.

He said: “Court staff had ejected Mr Eggelston from the building.”

Eggleston was arrested again and he later pleaded guilty to all three offences of being drunk and disorderly.

Gavin Sword, defending, said: “There was a gap in offending between June and March.

“Things seem to have gone wrong in March,” he said. “These things have got on top of him and he has gone on a bit of a spree.”

He was given an absolute discharge.