Security-conscious Sunderland criminal caught in CS gas sting

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A MAN bought an illegal CS gas spray to protect his home after it came under attack.

Austin Jobling had already got a guard dog and installed security cameras, after the house he shared with his mother was repeatedly targeted.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 36-year-old took illegal action when the dog was stolen and the cameras got ripped down by vandals.

Jobling, who has 136 previous convictions, bought the spray over the internet for £8. He was caught when the package was intercepted by suspicious mail staff, who alerted the police.

The court heard a “dummy” parcel was delivered to Jobling’s door and he was arrested when he took receipt.

Jobling, of Shakespeare Street, Sunderland, admitted improper importation of goods and attempting to possess a firearm while prohibited.

He was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, with supervision and 100 hours unpaid work.