Second victim of love-spell conman

Lamia Parkinson
Lamia Parkinson
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ANOTHER victim of serial liar Adam Lloyd-Harris today came forward to tell how he conned his way into her heart.

The revelations come just 48 hours after lovestruck Janine Munroe revealed how the smooth-talking Romeo emptied her bank account of £20,000, leaving her life in turmoil.

Today Lamia Parkinson, 29, claimed Lloyd-Harris charmed his way into her home, telling her a stream of lies about the fictional life he had created for himself.

Lamia, of Peterlee, said: “He told me he was involved in the music industry and would go to London for all these meetings, when he wasn’t.

“I even used to drive him to a company in Newton Aycliffe where he said he was doing a course – but when I rang them up, they said they’d never heard of him.”

Just this week Janine, 35, told the Echo an almost identical story about Lloyd-Harris and the lies he told.

Lamia said: “He’s definitely a smooth talker, but I had no reason not to believe what he was telling me.”

Lloyd-Harris, who admitted theft and fraud in relation to Miss Munroe, is on the run from police and has twice duped them into letting him go, claiming he is seriously ill.

Lamia was introduced to the 32-year-old through friends and the couple began going out together.

“Things were fine to begin with. I would get on with my life and he appeared to be doing his DJ-ing and music work,” she said.

“As we spent more time together, I noticed he always seemed to have lots of ready cash available and he was quite flash with it.”

Lamia said that about a year into the relationship, a detective from Northumbria Police knocked on her door and asked to speak to Lloyd-Harris.

“They wouldn’t tell me what it was about. But they came in and waited for him to arrive home. He was then arrested and I found out about what he had done to Janine,” said Lamia.

Lamia then discovered much of what Lloyd-Harris had told her during the course of their relationship was lies.

She added: “He was so convincing in the things he said; it’s like he’s almost been trained for it.

“He left me with major rent arrears and it has taken me a long time to get back on my feet.”

On Wednesday, the Echo told how the conman emptied Ms Munroe’s savings accounts while they were living together at her home in Ryhope.

He has been on the run since December 2011. Police in Nottingham have caught up with him twice, but both times he slipped through the net.

“I can’t believe he even managed to con the police – twice,” added Janine.

“I just thing he needs to be caught as soon as possible before he does this to someone else. He should really go to prison for what he’s done.”

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