Seaman caught with child abuse pictures after scaring girl, eight, in ladies' toilets at airport

Mikalsen's laptop was seized after he was found in the airport's ladies' toilets.
Mikalsen's laptop was seized after he was found in the airport's ladies' toilets.
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A seaman was caught with child abuse pictures after photographing his own privates in the female toilets of a North East airport.

Chief Officer Tor Mikalsen told the authorities he was using his laptop in the ladies' loo at Newcastle Airport to take illicit shots he had planned to send to a woman over Facebook.


When the married 50-year-old's computer was examined, police found two downloaded images - one a sketch drawing and one a computer-generated picture - of child abuse.

Mikalsen, who had been working on a ship in Scotland for three weeks, had been heading home to Norway when he was collared.

At Newcastle Crown Court today, he pleaded guilty to making pseudo photographs of children and was jailed for three months, with a 10-year sexual harm prevention order.

Mikalsen came to the authorities' attention on August 21 when an eight-year-old girl using an adjacent cubicle in the toilet spotted his laptop and thought he was taking a picture of her.

When the upset child informed her family, who were due to fly on holiday, the police were called.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told the court: "Officers viewed the laptop and immediately saw a picture of the defendant, the defendant's penis.

"He told officers he was going to send that picture to a female he had been talking to on Facebook.

"Police then looked through the laptop further and saw two indecent images of young children, of a sexual nature."

Mikalsen told police he had gone into the wrong toilet accidentally after becoming unwell and confused due to diabetes.

He claimed he used the child abuse images to "trap paedophiles", an excuse Judge Paul Sloan QC said he was sceptical about.

The judge said Mikalsen was a "highly qualified" individual who had been going through a "difficult period" and drinking too much, resulting in three UK court appearances over the summer for vandalism, public order and burglary.