Schoolgirls help nab speeding motorists

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SPEEDING drivers in Durham City will be given a ticking off after concerned pupils helped organise a Community Speedwatch outside their school.

Pupils and teachers at Durham High School for Girls asked Durham Police for help after a jogger was knocked down outside the school in South Road.

Police and Community Support Officers Steve Bell and Leesa Bennison spent a day checking the speed of drivers.

PCSO Bell said: “The pupils and a police volunteer helped us record the registration numbers of those who passed over the limit, which is 40mph. Anyone 5mph or more over will receive a warning letter.

“The school can use the statistics if they decide to ask the local authority for a lower limit.”

About one in 50 drivers who passed the school were speeding and the southbound carriageway of the road was used by more than 100 vehicles an hour outside peak times.

PCSO Bennison said nearby residents are interested in running another speedwatch in the next few months.