Samurai sword thug jailed

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A MODEL boyfriend who descended into violence attacked his partner with a samurai sword and stamped on her head.

Steven Miller has been jailed for six-and-half years for the attack on the woman, after kicking down the door of a Hendon house to get to her.

The thug yelled he was going to “kill” her, before slashing at her with the two-foot sword, causing serious injuries to her left hand.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that the woman had described Miller as a “model boyfriend” at the start of their relationship, but a miscarriage caused him to change.

He became violent and jealous of her relationships with other men, even forcing her to produce a daily timetable of what she was doing.

Prosecutor Jolyn Perks said that the victim suffered facial injuries after being punched by Miller on two occasions last summer, but made excuses about how they occurred when asked by family and friends.

She said that on August 25, Miller went to Villette Road, where the victim was at the home of a friend – whose two children were in at the time – and kicked the front door in.

She added: “He entered the address, shouting for her and said that he was going to kill her.

“She ran from the living room and made her way into the bathroom where she tried to hold the door shut.

“The defendant kicked the bathroom door open and took a samurai sword he had out of its sheath.

“He then swung repeated blows just as she put up her left hand to defend herself.

“The blows caused significant wounds to her hands, completely severing the nerve of one of her fingers.”

A neighbour called for an ambulance, at which point Miller left the house.

But the court heard he soon returned and started kicking the victim as she lay on the bathroom floor and then stamped on her head.

Mr Perks revealed that as a result of the attack she had been left with scars on her hands and forearm, and lost almost all sensation in her left hand.

Miller, of Tel El Kebir Road, was arrested on August 26, when he told armed police: “Your guns don’t scare me.

“Nothing scares me.”

He admitted wounding with intent.

Robin Patton, defending, said that Miller’s violence had been sparked since the victim had miscarried and doubted whether the child was even his.

He added: “He is genuinely remorseful for his actions.

“He realised that this relationship cannot continue.”

Sentencing, Judge James Goss said: “When the relationship broke down, you formed the intention to do some serious harm to her. And so it was.

“Having taken alcohol and drugs, you went to this house with a lethal weapon, a samurai sword.

“You forced your way into the house where there were two young children.

“Your relationship with her had spiralled and become toxic.”

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