Rowdy drinkers face two-year ban from Washington pubs

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BAR-ROOM brawlers risk a two-year ban from Washington’s pubs and clubs as a safety scheme gathers pace.

Twenty three pubs are now signed up to the Pubwatch scheme, allowing landlords to prevent known troublemakers from entering their premises.

At the latest meeting yesterday, licensees discussed how the improved communications between pubs and the police was helping keep the venues problem free.

Posters are also being displayed in the town to let people know which pubs are operating under the scheme. Paul Stewart, Washington Neighbourhood Inspector, said: “Individual bars are able to ban people from their premises as they see fit and pass on this information to other pubs.

“This means someone causing trouble or who is particularly drunk can be dealt with quickly and effectively with the intervention of police if necessary. It also means we have a great relationship with licensees and can carry out regular walk-throughs which is an excellent deterrent for crime and disorder.

“I’d encourage other licensees to get involved in their local scheme as it really does carry a lot of benefits and ensures our communities remain safe places for people to enjoy themselves.”

Janice Shields, from Last Orders pub in Concord, added: “Pubwatch helps protect ourselves and our businesses.”