Rider arrested after Sunderland horse and trap chaos

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A RIDER was arrested after at least 40 horses and traps caused chaos in Sunderland.

Some of the traps had up to three people on and were seen travelling on Hylton and Chester roads on Sunday afternoon, causing tailbacks for motorists.

Police were sent to the scene to minimise disruption and one man was arrested.

One Barnes resident, who saw the convoy, said: “I saw the horses and traps in convoy some driven by teens, others with babies on board. The riders were unable to control the horses which barged through each other, ignoring the give way road signs and into the path of cars, one of which got stuck in the middle of the traps and couldn’t move for fear of hitting a horse.”

A police spokesman said: “The majority of the riders left and there were no reports of collisions caused by the riders.”