Reward of £2,500 offered in search for person who dumped 29 snakes in Sunderland

An animal rights organisation is offering a £2,500 reward after 29 snakes were dumped close to Farringdon Community Fire Station.

Friday, 21st February 2020, 1:42 pm

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is putting up the reward and have said they will give it to anyone supplying information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever left the snakes in two separate incidents.

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29 snakes were dumped in two different incidents at Farringdon Fire Station in Sunderland

Photographs released by the RSPCA show how one of the pink pillowcases had been taped closed and then secured shut with a cable tie.

The surviving snakes were taken a vet and are now at a specialist reptile centre for further care.

None of the snakes were poisonous, though local residents said the were left confused and afraid after the bizarre incidents.

PETA director Elisa Allen said: “We're calling on anyone who has information about these cases to come forward, so that whoever abandoned these animals can be held accountable and prevented from endangering anyone else.

“It takes a disturbing and dangerous lack of empathy to dump so many animals.”

RSPCA inspector Heidi Cleaver said: “Having heard about the other poor snakes being abandoned earlier in the week, I couldn’t believe it when the call came through to say there had been even more snakes found in the exact same spot.

“These snakes had been left inside the bin, so they were incredibly lucky they didn’t end up in landfill.

PETA say that many captive exotic animals, abandoned in habitats that are unnatural to them, quickly succumb to starvation, dehydration, or attacks by predators. Or they can fall victim to local parasites and diseases to which they lack a natural immunity.

Anyone with information on the Farringdon snake dumpings is urged to call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.