REGIONAL: Man causes public outrage with realistic fake penis

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A MAN who brandished an “extremely realistic” fake penis shaking it at a group of girls and pretending to pee through a car window has been spared jail.

Dean Middlemiss was on a night out when he exposed a fake penis, which he was holding to his groin to a group of girls and later hit one of them in the face.

The girls were hoping for a good night out but as soon as they arrived in Berwick they were met by Middlemiss, 26, running around the streets with the false penis between his legs.

Mr Johnathon Devlin, prosecuting said: “The defendant’s movements with the fake penis were so lifelike that the outrage caused was the same.

“It was extremely realistic and when the defendant approached a taxi window, pretending to urinate with it, the girls were quite annoyed but not outraged.

“But he wouldn’t stop there, he entered the Brown Bear pub in Berwick with other males. He was showing off, he kept taking the penis out.

“The whole group were behaving badly.”

The court heard that later on in the night last November Middlemiss was running around with the penis dangling down the side of his pants and that the girls thought it was his real penis and were disgusted by his behaviour.

Mr Devlin added: “There came a time when one of the girls was taking a drink and the defendant shoved his hand into hers, luckily the glass dropped to the floor but his hand hit her in the face, causing her face to sting.

“At this point the barmaid came across, she was about to throw him out but other people got involved and the police were called.

“The defendant fought with the police, he struggled and continued to wave the fake penis about.”

Middlemiss pleaded guilty to causing public outrage and beating and was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court today.

Defending Middlesmiss, Mr Rod Hunt said: “This defendant regrets his stupid drunken behaviour.

“There is also no suggestion of any further offending since the incident.”

Judge Deborah Sherwin sentenced Middlemiss, of Sallyport, Berwick, to six months in prison, but suspended his sentence for 12 months.

She said: “You and your friends acted like a pack of drunken yobs and caused public outrage with your actions.”