REGIONAL: ‘Devious’ dentist used hidden iPhone to film women using the toilet at his surgery

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A “DEVIOUS” dentist who used a hidden iPhone to film women using the toilet in his surgery has walked free from court.

Married Daniel Stocks was collared when one of his horrified victims noticed a light shining from under the wash basin as she sat on the loo in his practice in Throckley, Newcastle.

A police investigation revealed the churchgoing 36-year-old had filmed unsuspecting women using the facilities at the Always Smiling surgery for a year.

He had also recorded similar, secret, footage of women using the toilet at a house in Northumberland.

The trusted professional, who found women using the toilet to be attractive, then used the secret footage for his sexual gratification.

Stocks, of High Meadow House, Hedley, Stocksfield, admitted eight charges of voyeurism between January and November 2013.

A judge yesterday branded him a “devious individual” who had let a “stupid perversion” cost him his career and reputation.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told the court an iPhone 5 had been found by one of his victims at the surgery last November, who alerted the police.

Mr Pallister said: “While sat on the lavatory facing the wash basin she noticed a light shining through a paper towel, under the wash basin.

“After using the toilet she crouched down and could see an iPhone wrapped in paper on the waste pipe under the sink, giving a picture of the person sat on the lavatory and whatever they were doing.

“She saw it was displaying a red light to signal it was recording.”

When police raided the dentist’s home they found two video clips on his computer hard drive showing a woman using the toilet at a house, with her private parts clearly seen.

Stocks denied all wrongoing when he was initially arrested but later, after discussing what he had done with his pastor, asked to be re-interviewed so he could confess.

Mr Pallister added: “He explained the iPhone under the sink was put there with a view to recording females urinating as he found it attractive.

“He goes on to accept in the pre-sentence report the purpose of taking the images was to sexually arouse himself.”

Prosecutors accept Stocks deleted the images after he had used them and none were distributed.

His victims told police they were horrified, outraged, disgusted and felt violated and sickened at the idea they had been filmed during their most private moments.

Judge Sean Morris sentenced Stocks to a three year community order with supervision, programme requirements and five year sex offender registration.

The judge said prison would mean a “revolving door” of a short time in custody followed by no treatment to stop any repeat offending.

Judge Morris told Stocks: “You are a professional man, a dentist. You hid your telephone in toilets.

“It was a monstrous breach of trust. The court understands fully the womens’ anger, their disgust and their outrage.

“They feel violated, they feel deceived. You are a devious individual.

“It seems to me you you’ve received punishment in any event, you richly deserve it.

“You have lost your practice, you have lost your career, you have lost respect, you have lost friends, you nearly lost your family, all because of a stupid perversion that crept up on you.”

Bill Davidson, defending, said Stocks was of “exemplary good character” before the offending and has lost a hard earned career as a result.

Mr Davidson said: “He can offer no explanation as to why he did it.”