Rapist jailed after brave Sunderland victim filmed the incident on her mobile phone

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A RAPIST was snared after his brave victim recorded the harrowing ordeal on her mobile phone.

Richard Cromarty was jailed for 10 years after he had repeatedly raped the woman on Wearside in May.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that Cromarty, pictured, had contacted police himself and made accusations against the woman.

But unbeknown to the 46-year-old, the victim recorded the rape on her mobile phone and showed it to the officers.

Cromarty was 
arrested and when interviewed, said that the woman had “played hard to get”.

Michael Hodson, prosecuting, told the court: “This is a case of somewhat harrowing details.”

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“She is screaming throughout the whole recording.”

In a victim personal statement read out to the court the woman described Cromarty’s actions as “worse than an animal’s”, saying “at least animals show you respect”.

Cromarty, of no fixed address but who lived in Sunderland at the time of the offence, pleaded guilty to four counts of rape.

The court heard he had worked as an engineer and had once been offered a position working on Formula 1 racing cars in Italy.

But Alec Burns, mitigating, said his life had gone off the rails and he had turned to alcohol.

It was heard that Cromarty had been drinking heavily at the time of the attack.

Mr Burns added: “He still has no recollection of that which was recorded.

“He has a drink problem and knows he can never drink again.

“He is genuinely sorry for what he has done to this young lady.”

Sentencing him to ten years imprisonment, Judge Paul Sloan, said: “The contents of the recording are harrowing, confirming the distress and suffering of the woman.

“She begged you to stop, telling you you were hurting her.

“You responded, saying ‘I don’t care’.

“Your excessive consumption of alcohol has been the particular problem in your life.

“The offending was so serious that the only sentence I can give is a substantial sentence of imprisonment.”

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