‘Raoul Moat’s nephew’ jailed for knife threat to police

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A MAN who claimed to be a relative of Raoul Moat as he threatened police has been jailed for lunging at two officers with a knife.

Matthew Mason was given a suspended prison sentence in June after contacting Northumbria Police four times and threatening to rob and shoot someone, while claiming to be a nephew of the infamous killer who murdered his ex-girlfriend’s new partner then blinded Pc David Rathband.

The 34-year-old contacted police again last month and summoned help to an address at Donville Road, Washington, by threatening to harm himself.

Newcastle Crown Court heard when two officers arrived they were subjected to a terrifying stand off where Mason lunged at them with a large kitchen knife and warned they would be killed.

Even after Mason dropped the large weapon he continued the abuse until one of the officers withdrew his CS gas canister.

Prosecutor Paul Rowland told the court: “He clenched his fists in front of his body and shouted he was going to kill them.”

One of the officers, an acting sergeant, said afterwards he feared he and his colleague could have been killed.

Mr Rowland said: “He said in his time of service, which is 10 years, this was the most frightened he had been.

“He was in fear for his own safety and that of his colleague.

“In his opinion he felt he was in danger of being seriously hurt or even worse.”

At the time of the incident Mason was subject to a four-month suspended prison sentence in relation to telephone threats.

Mason was on a second suspended prison sentence at the time of the Washington stand-off for driving offences.

Judge Roger Thorn QC jailed Mason, who admitted two charges of making a threat to kill and breach of two suspended prison sentences, for a total of 12 months.

Lee Fish, defending, said Mason, of Wardley Court, Wardley, has “unresolved childhood issues” which he now realises he needs to address.

Mason, who wept through most of the hearing, said “I’m sorry” from the dock and has prepared a letter of apology to the two police officers.