Raider tortured terrified victim with pliers and a hammer

Trevor Turnock
Trevor Turnock
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A RAIDER who tortured a man with household tools during a robbery at his home has been jailed for six years.

Trevor Turnock, who is originally from Sunderland, used pliers on terrified Daniel Wright’s fingers and nose while demanding cash the victim had won at the betting shop the day before.

During the terrifying ordeal at Mr Wright’s County Durham home his toes were hit with a hammer.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Turnock, who was handcuffed at yesterday’s hearing at the request of security officials, had seen Mr Wright, who is about 30, the day before the attack last June and had been told about his big win.

The following day Turnock and his pal Frankie Pearson turned up at Mr Wright’s home.

Mr Wright told police: “Turnock set about attacking me. He picked up the pliers and was using them on me. He wanted the money I had.

“He damaged my fingers while Frankie was searching the house for money. He was ransacking rooms.

“He pinned me up by my throat and took me to the bathroom. He pinned me to the bath.

“He put the pliers to my nose.

“I was in the bath about 15 to 20 minutes.”

The court heard Mr Wright was kicked, punched and hit with a hammer.

Mr Wright added: “Turnock had hold of the hammer but was more interested in the pliers.”

Prosecutors accepted Pearson played a minor role in the violence and had tried to get the weapons away from Turnock when he realised the victim had “had enough”.

Mr Wright had bruises, grazes and soreness after the attack and a gouge out of his little finger from the pliers.

£1,000 in cash and a quantity of heroin was stolen.

Turnock, 35, of Lavender Gardens, Sacriston, County Durham, was jailed for six years with a two-year extended licence period.

He had admitted robbery.

Pearson, 25, of Redwood Flats, Brandon, County Durham, was found guilty by a jury on the same charge.

He was jailed for two years, plus 30 weeks from a previous suspended sentence.

Judge Richard Lowden said: “It must have been a terrifying ordeal.

“It can’t be described as anything other than extreme violence.”

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