Racist Rihanna fan bit steward at Sunderland Stadium of Light gig

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A RIHANNA fan was kicked out of the star’s Stadium of Light concert after she hurled racist abuse at staff and sank her teeth into one of them.

Nicola Bradford told police after the incident on June 20, that she would not be told where to sit by “a black b*****d”, adding “there’s no black in the Union Jack”.

The 36-year-old had been drinking all day when event staff were unfortunate enough to encounter her among the 57,500-strong crowd, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Steward John Wilkinson was called to help colleagues after drunken Bradford, of Redwood Grove, Silksworth, was heard making racist comments.

“Mr Wilkinson tried to calm her down as she was aggressive, and told her police were coming,” prosecutor Paul Anderson said.

“She tried to leave, so he put his arm out to stop her.

“She sank her teeth into his arm, causing a mark and bleeding.”

When police arrived, shortly after the assault, Bradford continued to shout abuse and swear, now directing her rage at them. She was arrested and interviewed.

“The defendant told police she had gone to the Rihanna concert that evening having been drinking all day,” Mr Anderson said.

“She said she was drunk, but that she wasn’t to blame, that the steward was grabbing her for no reason and that she wouldn’t be pushed around so she bit him.”

Duncan Emmerson, mitigating, said: “Miss Bradford thoroughly regrets her actions.

“She is absolutely appalled by what was said by officers and the stewards.

“She had been at the concert with a friend and they had been drinking, though I expect a lot of people had that day. She made some unfortunate remarks.”

Mr Emmerson added that, due to her slight build, Bradford had likely felt threatened by the size of the stewards.

Bradford admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and a racially aggravated public order offence.

She will be sentenced on November 5.