Qatar World Cup stadium builder stole from Sunderland petrol station and assaulted shop assistant

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A BUILDER about to start a new life in the Middle East has been ordered to use his new wages to pay a court fine.

Christopher Carney had been offered a job in Qatar building stadiums for the next World Cup.

But before he headed to the Arab country, 33-year-old Carney carried out two thefts in the UK and assaulted a garage worker.

Carney pleaded guilty to three offences at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson told JPs that the first theft took place at the Esso petrol station in Durham Road, Sunderland, on July 10.

Carney and an accomplice, who did not appear in court, grabbed wine and beer worth £25.

When a worker tried to stop them, she was “barged out of the way”, Mr Anderson said.

The second theft was carried out weeks later at a Co-op supermarket in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, where Carney, from Sunderland, was captured on CCTV.

The thief, who has spent time in prison for possession of drugs with intent to supply, was seen leaving the store with two bottles of Grey Goose vodka, worth £80, on July 22.

Chris Wilson, defending, said Carney, of March Square, had brought proof of his new employment to court.

He was ordered to pay a £700 fine, £80 compensation to the Co-op, £12.50 to the Sunderland garage, £50 to the worker there and court costs of £85, within 56 days.