Putting halt to domestic violence

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A NEW campaign aims to get to the root of why men turn on their partners, to help prevent further attacks.

One in four women will experience violence and aggression in a relationship, according to the Northumbria Probation Trust.

It has now launched a programme called Building Better Relationships, which it hopes will help men realise the abuse they have committed, its effects on others and ways of acting appropriately in the future.

It is for men who have been convicted of an offence against a partner, which can include physical violence, criminal damage, threatening behaviour or harassment.

Men assessed as posing a risk of harm to their partner and children, and who are able to discuss at least one act of violence against a partner, are also eligible.

The course prioritises the safety of women and children, and information is exchanged with police, social services and women’s support services.

Victims are also given the opportunity to have contact with a worker from Barnardo’s, who provides support and advice.

Peter Walton, the trust’s programme manager, said: “Our focus is to deliver the Building Better Relationships programme in a way that is likely to have the most impact on individual participants, so that they develop non-abusive behaviour with partners.”