Psychiatric hospital patient threw cup of boiling water in victim's face

Hopewood Park hospital
Hopewood Park hospital

A psychiatric hospital patient who threw a cup of boiling water into another resident's face has walked free from court.

Kenneth Sherrington left the man's cheek and eye area blistered and burnt in the attack at the Hopewood Park in Sunderland on December 17 last year.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the victim had been standing in the garden area outside his ward when Sherrington attacked without warning.

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw said: "The crown's case is, simply, a cup of boiling water, very hot water, was thrown over the side of the face of the complainant.

"He then threw the cup at him from very short distance."

The court heard the victim received hospital treatment and needed cream applied to his injury.

He told police in a statement: "I don't feel safe in the place I have come to call my home.

"I feel nervous and anxious even though he has been moved off the ward. I didn't do anything to provoke him, I don't understand why this has happened."

Sherrington, of Villette Road, Hendon, Sunderland, admitted assault.

The court heard the 24-year-old suffers drug induced psychosis and has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in the past.

He had not taken his medication in the days before the attack and claimed to have no grudge against the man he targeted.

Judge Robert Adams sentenced Sherrington to a community order for 18 months with supervision.

The judge told him: "It is now well recognised cannabis causes long term, serious mental health difficulties which appears to be the situation you are in now."

Jamie Adams, defending, said the risk Sherrington poses is "getting lower " and he is receiving professional help in the community.

Mr Adams said: "He is really very sorry.

"He was expressing remorse immediately after doing it. "

The court heard the victim 's physical injuries were not long lasting.