Precious haul stolen by raider

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A BURGLAR who stole “irreplacable” heirlooms during a break-in at a family home has been put behind bars.

Robert Johnstone smashed his way into a house at Fatfield, Washington, using a paving slab to break a patio window.

The 24-year-old ransacked rooms in his search for property he could easily sell.

Newcastle Crown Court heard his haul included jewellery that belonged to the owner’s late grandmother.

In a statement to police, householder Simon Parker said: “The jewellery was antique, precious and irreplacable.”

Judge David Wood jailed Johnstone, who has previous convictions for house raids, for two years and five months.

The Judge said: “You stole a number of items including jewellery which had great sentimental value to the owner.

“You also made a mess of the house which upset the occupiers a great deal.”