Police: 'We may never know why killer murdered David Wilson'

Daniel Johnson, pictured, has been convicted of murder. Picture: Northumbria Police.
Daniel Johnson, pictured, has been convicted of murder. Picture: Northumbria Police.

No-one may ever know why Daniel Johnson slaughtered David Wilson as he lay defenceless in bed, says the detective who led the murder investigation.

Johnson, of Mulberry Gardens, Gateshead has today been convicted of the Sunderland grandad's murder following a month-long trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

Detective Superintendent Mark Ord said Johnson’s refusal to co-operate in interviews or give evidence in his own defence meant police were still baffled by his reasons for launching an unprovoked and savage attack.

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“It is difficult to understand categorically because Daniel has refused to talk to police through his numerous interviews and has refused to give evidence in his own trial,” he said.

“So we will never know Daniel’s view of why he did what he did.

“What we can logically draw from the evidence is that Daniel robbed David Wilson’s partner and he robbed him for financial reasons, having taken him to the cashpoint machine.

“You can draw logically from that, that in seizing the keys and then going back to the flat, that is likely to have been for a financial reason.

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“That does not, in any way, answer the question as to why he then went on to kill David.

“Because we know, from all the evidence we gathered within the crime scene and evidence that has been heard in the court, that David Wilson was likely to be asleep in bed, under his duvet,and for reasons only known to Daniel, Daniel has straddled David, pinning him down through his duvet, pinning him to the bed, and stabbing him through the duvet with a knife taken from Mr Wilson’s own kitchen.

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“We know he had not been disturbed, there had not been any conflict in that room, we know from the crime scene that David Wilson has barely moved when he was subject to that attack.
“He has fought for his life but he has barely moved. He has not sat up in bed and disturbed Daniel, he has been laid flat in bed and pinned to the bed through the quilt.”

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