Police warn Sunderland students of ‘light-fingered Larry’

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Police are urging students not to fall victim to ‘light-fingered Larry’.

Thousands of students are returning to Sunderland or starting at the university for the first time this week.

And with most now having expensive items such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones, they can often be attractive targets for thieves – especially when windows are left wide open and valuables on clear display.

Northumbria Police are warning students to stay safe as they enjoy Freshers’ Week.

Southern Area Command Chief Inspector Jerry Pearson said: “The city has a thriving student population and we’re proud to welcome new and returning students each year.

“For a lot of students this could be their first time living away from home and we know they’ll be excited to embark on student life and we want to help them do so safely without being fearful of being a victim of crime.

“It can be all too easy to leave a window open, however if valuable items are left clearly on display it is also all too easy for a burglar to steal them. Taking a few very simple but effective crime prevention measures could help prevent them from being targeted by these opportunist thieves.

“Most student accommodation now has good quality security but even the best security won’t deter a burglar if the door has been left unlocked or a window wide open.

“Sunderland is a great city and a fantastic place to study and we want students to enjoy their time spent studying here.”

For more information about policing in Sunderland, follow Northumbria Police @npsunderland or find them on Facebook. You can also visit www.northumbria.police.uk