Police urge One Direction fans to ‘stay safe and plan ahead’ for Sunderland concert

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ONE Direction fans are being told to plan ahead for tonight’s gig.

Officers are asking concert-goers to think about their personal safety and to make sure they have their ‘keys, money, phone and plans to get home’.

Sunderland Chief Superintendent Kay Blyth said: “Events like this are great for the region and I’m sure it’s going to be a night that thousands of people will never forget. It’s important that they remember it for the right reasons and not for anything that could go wrong, and so we are reminding those attending the event to do a little planning now so they can really enjoy the night.

“If you’re coming to the concert then make sure that you stay in control. If having a drink then don’t drink too much, know your limits, and make sure that if you are there with children that you are responsible for their safety.

“By planning ahead it can make the evening go a lot smoother for people”

She added: “Things like making sure that you have the numbers of people you are going with, having full battery on your phone before you leave so that you can contact friends if you get split up or lost, and having plans pre-arranged for getting home after the concert, as the area around the stadium will be very busy on the night.

“Make use of the wristbands and make sure you are familiar with the layout of the stadium and if you have any problems, then speak to an officer or a security official.

“We want everyone, especially younger people, to look out for their friends to make sure everyone enjoys their evening and gets home safely.”