Police turned down Moat brother’s offer to intervene

Angus Moat
Angus Moat
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KILLER Raoul Moat’s brother made a desperate bid to speak to his sibling in the hours before he died.

Angus Moat contacted police when he heard his fugitive brother was involved in a stand–off with armed officers at Rothbury, Northumberland.

The 41-year-old told the inquest at Newcastle yesterday, that he wanted to tell the ex-bouncer that he had a family who cared for him, and try to bring the incident to a peaceful close.

But during two telephone calls with a high-ranking officer from Durham Police and one with a Northumbria officer – both involved in the tense negotiations that night – he was told it was not possible.

Within hours of the calls Moat shot himself in the head.

At the hearing into the gunman’s final hours in July last year, Angus Moat also explained what he though of their mother Josephine’s actions.

“My mother had been in the press that week saying Raoul would be better off dead. I completely disagreed with that.

“I went to the press myself to get my opinion out there.

“But by then there were restrictions on the way things had to be reported, and my message didn’t get through.

“I thought Raoul would have thought everyone in his family was against him.

“I wanted to be there to show him that was not the case.

“I rang the police to try and get them to get me involved.

“I thought it could be the end of my brother’s life and I didn’t want that to happen.”

Mr Moat added: “I knew he was in a lot of trouble but I didn’t want him to die.”

Mr Moat said he had asked police if he could be taken to Rothbury to speak to his brother.

“I was advised they thought it might not be a good idea.

“I told them it had been quite some time since I saw him and he said it might inflame the situation.”