Police tasered naked man who went berserk in hotel room

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Court News
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A NAKED man had to be tasered by police after smashing up a hotel room.

Police were called to the Chilton Country Pub and Hotel in Fence Houses after Alan Gray’s partner fled screaming because he had started to damage their room.

Peterlee Magistrates’ Court heard the window, a mirror and chair were destroyed, while a radiator was left hanging off the wall.

The business’s bosses claimed £5,000- worth of repairs were needed after the disturbance.

John Garside, prosecuting, said officers arrived to find Gray naked and used the taser to try and incapacitate him, after he kicked one of the Pc’s in the groin during a struggle.

After leaving him to calm down for 20 minutes, they were able to handcuff him.

Once at Durham City Police Station, he urinated in his cell and broke a cup, and pepper spray had to be used against him when he turned violent again.

In addition to leaving the first officer with a pain to his testicles, he caused a cut to the lip of another.

Gray, 41, of Taylor Court, Carrville, admitted criminal damage to the furniture and fittings to room 4 of the hotel, the same charge relating to the police cell, violent behaviour at the police station and two charges of assaulting a constable.

Neil Bennett, mitigating, said: “There’s a lot to be said to Mr Gray’s benefit, but I accept whatever I say you will need assistance from the probation service and you will appreciate the information from them before any mitigation from me today.”

Following reports and an indication from magistrates they agreed with the recommendation of the probation service, no further details were offered by Mr Bennett about why the disturbance unfolded at the hotel on Saturday, January 17.

Mr Bennett told the bench they should “proceed with caution” in regard to the £5,000-worth of damage the hotel said had been caused, with no information given about the cost of repairs or replacement items.

Magistrates sentenced Gray to a 12 -month community order with 200 hours of unpaid work, ordered him to pay £100 in compensation to each police officer and £500 to the hotel.

He was also told to pay £140 for the damage to the cell to cover the clean-up bill.